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Marie & Joey — Minted




Marie and Joey

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

21 days until our wedding!

Our Story

Though our paths had crossed when Joey was visiting Notre Dame as early as 2011, we didn’t have our first memorable interaction until June 14, 2019. You could say love (and bud light) was in the air on the night two of our best friends—Brittany and Billy Dalton—got engaged.

Joey was living in New York at the time and Marie was about to move to San Francisco to start a new job, so while we stayed in contact now and then, we didn’t see each other again until 2020. In November, Joey told Marie he was “visiting a friend” in San Francisco on his way down to LA, and asked her to grab dinner. Though Marie told her friends it was “not a date”, apparently a shared bottle of wine and Joey paying does in fact constitute a date.

After the non-date, we started chatting daily and eventually saw each other again for a New Years trip with a big group of mutual friends in Naples, Florida (thank you Kathleen). In what started as a joke, Marie started introducing Joey as her boyfriend, and to this day “he hasn’t yet said no”. Joey flew to San Francisco two weeks later, and the rest was history.

We spent the rest of COVID visiting each other in Boston and San Francisco as well as working remotely together together in Vermont, Florida, and St. Louis. Eventually, Marie decided to transfer to Social Finance’s headquarter office in Boston. We quickly and blissfully settled into our new life there, enjoying long summer nights on the infamous Patio with Joey's roommate Dante and a big group of friends from Roxbury Latin, Notre Dame, and more.

Over the last three years we have continued to grow our love over time spent with our families (including Marie's nieces and nephews who love to play basketball and ice skate with Joey), trips to Italy with the Giandomenicos, couples trips to Newport and Argentina with our “forever best friends” Billy and Brit, winters in Vermont, Pats on the Patio (and now the roof), visits from Marie’s Notre Dame friends and Joey’s Middlebury friends, trips around the US for friends weddings, and so much more.

On May 12, 2023, Joey walked Marie past our future first apartment together in Beacon Hill, and asked her to marry him, followed by celebrations with family and friends. We couldn’t be more thankful for the support system which has been there for us through the best and the most challenging times and cheered on our love from near and far.

We love you and we are so thankful so many of you will get to be in St. Louis in August to celebrate with us!